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We are Socratic Better Wealth, this is our story...

Socratic Better Wealth

First and foremost, we are financial advisors, providing wealth management as well as tax, estate, retirement, insurance, and education planning. Our decades of experience and commitment to professional financial counsel sets us apart from others, while our friendly, holistic approach distinguishes us from generic corporate storefronts. Over the years we’ve developed proprietary processes that add efficiencies that allow us to continue growing without sacrificing the high level of service to which our clients are accustomed.

We call this approach Better Wealth, and it fuels our established method for investment advising and asset management.

About Our Name

Socratic describes a method of cooperative dialogue — asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking, draw out ideas, and reveal underlying presumptions.

Modeling our process after the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, we begin each client relationship by asking questions — about tangibles like assets and obligations of course, but also about intangibles like expectations, priorities, and future plans. Just as important, we expect our clients to ask us questions and rely on us for thoughtful answers and fully accountable advice.

But perhaps the most important part of our name is the second half — Better Wealth. We believe that there’s an optimal way for people to manage their finances and plan for their future that evolves from a broader interpretation of what makes each of us wealthy.

Client Centered

About Our Logo

Ancient cultures have revered the crane for its quiet elegance, believing that this majestic bird symbolized both happiness and prosperity. Here at Socratic Better Wealth, we think those two qualities uniquely reflect our philosophy and our work to make sure that each client’s pursuit of prosperity leads to their happiness. To reflect that philosophy, we’ve incorporated the crane into our brand. To remind us that every client’s path is unique, we’ve chosen to render it with multi-colored facets that join to complete a picture.